1.) What you can do everyday that will make a difference in the economy and more.

First, The very first thing you can do after reading this information is to join and get at least our button and wear or display that button everyday.  When each person sees the symbol  AmeriCAN® it will remind them to buy products that creates jobs because of people like you!

Many people today are worried some have even become depressed they need to see something positive. You can be the inspiration and catalyst that will help all see a light through the tunnel everyday. Please join us and wear or display everyday this positive symbol.

YOU are the Guardian of our Country.

Just as the military wear a distinct uniform that identifies them as protectors of our freedom, now you will be too.

Second, and many may not know the real meaning of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product); it is the measuring stick as to the health of the economy.

U.S. consumer spending accounts for 70 percent of the GDP Gross Domestic Product that determines our health!

Thus we have more power than you ever imagined to steer the economy in a direction that really benefits America, and ultimately yourself in creating jobs and providing additional dollars for needed local services like police, fire, sewer, water and more.

Furthermore, the U.S. consumer spending accounts for around 20 percent of World Gross Domestic Product. So the World Economy is leveraged by the U.S. consumer.



Thus, consumers account for such a large proportion of all economic activity, a shift of just 1 or 2 percent between spending and saving can make the difference between rapid growth or recession for the entire economy.