2.) What's the real story behind GM the other car manufacturers and AmeriCAN® corporations -----  Who's to Blame?

We have several reasons and documented by the media over the years.
First some twenty years ago the New York Times, Sunday January 29, 1989, Undercover on the Job, pg. 6 reported: The General Motors Corporation estimated the substance abuse by its 1/2 million employees cost the company (in 1989 remember) about $600 million a year.

Marsh and McLennan  surveyed 1,000 of our biggest corporations and estimated the cost of illegal drug use to our corporations profit line at $52 Billion annually, (please note that figure is from twenty years ago) 1989.  Security "Security Briefs"  A. Cahners Publications, Newton Ma. pg 56.

Do you know what leader of a foreign country announced to other country leaders that America is too strong to beat... what must be done is destroy the youth from within; his plan and leadership was going to help proliferate illegal drugs in America. 

Why didn't you know this? Well it was made known years ago.......only nobody listened...... just like with the call and warnings if we do not buy AmeriCAN®........Did anybody listen?...... and now......... some people are listening. I know  you are listening ....so please tell others the truth or ask them to visit the site to read for themselves and at least wear the symbol AmeriCAN® to help motivate others to join.

The following is from declassified State Department, CIA, FBI files as published in the U.S. News World Report, May 4, 1987  
Nikita Khrushchev at a meeting he chaired (similar to our Congress or Senate meetings) of all soviet block countries stated America is too strong to beat militarily. The only way to beat America is to destroy the youth by exportation and proliferation of drugs into the very fabric of the AmeriCAN®culture. He succeeded, don't you think?

Now think why would a country like Russia invade a country known as Afghanistan? A mountainous region, land locked and being one of the driest countries in the world with harsh winters and hot summers! You know why? Afghan Heroin.
They control 80% of the world's distribution and the Russian Troops after spending billions of dollars of rubles over nine years, losing thousands of troops and an equal number of tanks finally pulled out officially on February 16, 1989 reported by the New York Times.  
Yet a Russian Freighter was seized in Rotterdam in the early 90's loaded with Afghan Heroin, coincidence?