3.) What has been the major trend of AmeriCAN® corporations since the 90's that has been and remains a calamity to the AmeriCAN® people and the economy.

The trend of AmeriCAN® IT and other corporations embraced during the 90's to current day is sending white-collar jobs to third world countries.
Imagine sending critical and essential systems development, testing and personal information outside the United States. Many AmeriCAN® companies route calls to centers like the Philippines and India. Today even some hospital M. R. I.'s are being read overseas.

Worse welfare recipients are discussing their questions with a representative in India.
Imagine an AmeriCAN® citizen is collecting welfare when a job that should be available has been shipped overseas!
How much is this personal and corporate information worth in the hands of terrorists?

Where will our country be if we rely on other countries to supply us with everything computer or engineering related?
We know what happened moving our automobile manufacturing offshore.

We do know that America’s skilled high technology employees are being displaced in the hundreds of thousands. These skilled people are disappearing, these men and women who created our satellites, defense weapons, medical research tools, and a host of other leading edge technology.

In 2005, Forrester Research estimated that by 2015 we would lose $136 billion in wages and 3.3 million jobs (2 percent of the U.S. workforce) by sending jobs offshore.
This could result in a $34 billion decline in federal, state and local tax revenue. Free trade and outsourcing proponents counter that 2 percent of the workforce is a negligible percentage, and so we should not worry? Be worried, be very worried; Join Us and learn the tips and what you can do to help yourself!  
Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said that a "continuing loss of US manufacturing means a greater dependence on foreign factories to produce both everyday consumer goods and the key elements of our national security, including the building blocks of our nation's infrastructure and the equipment crucial to our nation's military."