You can make a difference in this economy and create jobs and much more through your everyday buying habits. We have heard about buying AmeriCAN® but did you really know the impact or the importance of a simple purchase by you.

What Buying an AmeriCAN® Product from an AmeriCAN® owned company means to you, and the significance on our lives! 

If you purchased just one item a day from an AmeriCAN® owned company, it would triple the amount of tax dollars available to fund our schools, libraries, utilities, road, military, daycare and social programs plus create more jobs.  TRIPLE!


Here are just three simple actions of when we shop that can make a difference: (F A C) Food, Appliances and Clothing.

These three areas can make, a world of difference, and our world a different place, and it will be because of YOU! Thank you in advance.  

Here are some examples when at the grocery store

  • Buy Swiss Miss instead of Carnation
  • Hershey's instead of Nestle Crunch
  • Clorox instead of Lysol.
Many of us do not know what product or company is American owned and as you can see from the name Swiss Miss which is the AmeriCAN®owned company but the brand name makes it confusing.
You will now have this information at your fingertips wherever you go. You will know which companies, products and services are AmeriCAN® and help America rebuild again, and let everyone know the real facts! And this is why we say
I CAN ... You CAN ... We CAN ... AmeriCAN®
Join us, at least get the Button to wear or display everyday to help inspire others and let others know you care. In exchange you will receive five shares of stock. 
You can help save our economy create jobs and more with simple steps you can take everyday while shopping for groceries appliances or clothes.  
See what happened to GM......... get the real story ...........and about other corporations
(see GM the real story that follows)  
Join US Get a Tee Shirt and a FREE Button and wear the button and talk about this everyday!