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Another example supposedly not heard some call dirty politics or the blind eye.
The drug lord at this same time Khun Sa is the man who is reported to control the heroin produced in Southeast Asia.
As far back as 1977 he offered to sell that years' entire opium crop to Washington through a congressional negotiating team. Five years later he sent a letter to President Reagan offering to suppress the opium trade in return for CASH. USNWR May 4, 1987 pg. 33
If you know someone who uses illegal drugs they are a shareholder in a trillion dollar a year enterprise that corrupts governments, kills innocent people, reduces productivity while increases health care costs, cripples communities, corporations and destroys AmeriCAN families and lives.
NOTE: Approximately 60 percent of the opiates (opium, morphine, and heroin) produced in Afghanistan leave the country via Iran, according to the UNODC, source: Radio Free Office Drug Control marking an increase from the 40 percent previous level.

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